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The Lab strives to reduce environmental impact through resource management, pollution prevention, and long-term sustainability programs.


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The Laboratory conserves natural resources by reducing water use, managing and restoring lands, and using energy efficiently.

We work safely, securely, ethically, and in a manner that protects the environment

We understand that the health and viability of the Laboratory depend in part on a record of environmental performance, building public confidence and our regulators. To gain the right to do what we do, we must work safely, securely, ethically, and in a manner that protects the environment.

Our stewardship activities are robust and we seek public transparency

  • Our environmental management system is ISO 14001-certified.
  • We have an active and award-winning Pollution Prevention program.
  • We have significantly reduced both the amount of solid, hazardous waste generated by Lab operations and the number of sources that generate this waste.
  • We have a robust network of environmental monitoring equipment and take tens of thousands of samples each year from air, ground water, surface water, soil, plants, and wild life.
  • All results are made available to the public on Intellus New Mexico, a public database of Los Alamos National Laboratory and New Mexico Environment Department environmental data. The database currently contains more than 8 million records.
  • Documents submitted to our environmental regulators are posted in the Lab Electronic Public Reading Room.

Third-party oversight on environmental impacts ensures responsibility to state and nation

Our activities are regulated by independent, third-party regulators, including the New Mexico Environment Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection agency. The Laboratory works with regulators to ensure the Laboratory’s environmental impacts are within state and federal limits.

See the Environment section of this website for more information on Laboratory’s environmental operations.