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The atomic bomb made the prospect of future war unendurable. It has led us up those last few steps to the mountain pass; and beyond there is a different country. ~ J. Robert Oppenheimer

Awards, peer recognition for Los Alamos National Laboratory employees

Additional Distinguished Awards

Society and Association Awards

Following is a selected list of societies and associations that sponsor various award competitions and honors of interest to Laboratory employees.

View the recipients and their awards/recognition below, by award type.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows (AAAS)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Mary Hockaday - For exemplary leadership at Los Alamos National Laboratory in support of the nation's nuclear security and in realizing the technologies to foster that security. (2015)
  • Steven Conradson - For distinguished contributions to physical inorganic chemistry with particular emphasis on X-ray absorption spectroscopy and its applications in biology, solid-state physics, and actinide chemistry. (2014)
  • Bryan Henson - For distinguished contributions in the fields of physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy, including the application of second harmonic generation (SHG) to the study of organic explosives. (2014)
  • Mary P. Neu - For distinguished contributions to actinide science, especially biogeochemistry and coordination chemistry, and for leadership at the highest levels in chemical and environmental sciences in the national interest. (2013)
  • Basil I. Swanson - For distinguished contributions to the field of physical inorganic chemistry and chemical science leadership at Los Alamos National Laboratory. (2013)
  • William Hamilton Woodruff - For distinguished contributions to time-resolved spectroscopy with applications in inorganic chemistry, bioenergetics, photochemistry and photobiology, and molecular energy transduction. (2013)
  • Alexander Balatsky - For his distinguished contributions to understanding strongly correlated materials, especially high-Tc superconductors. (2012)
  • Byron Glodstein - For distinguished contributions to the field of computational biology, particularly to modeling in immunology and the systems biology of cell signaling. (2012)
  • John Gordon - For distinguished contributions to chemistries relevant to energy applications. (2012)
  • Quanxi Jia - For pioneering contributions to thin film electronic devices and multifunctional metal-oxide films, and for distinguished services to the materials research profession. (2012)
  • Jacqueline Kiplinger - For distinguished contributions to the field of actinide and lanthanide science, especially in the area of chemical synthesis of novel actinide- containing molecules. (2012)
  • Jeanne Robinson - For distinguished contributions to physical chemistry research in the national interest, and for leading the physical chemistry group (C-PCS) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. (2012)
  • Richard Sayre - For distinguished contributions in the field of plant metabolic engineering for improved nutrition, photosynthesis, and renewable fuels production. (2012)
  • William S. Rees Jr. - Scientific & Educational contributions to the field of materials chemistry and for sustained policy contributions leading to enhancements in national security basic research. (2010)
  • Gordon Jarvinen - Chemistry Section - Innovative research on processes that can be used to recycle plutonium and other actinides for national interests. (2009)
  • Albert Migliori - Industrial Science & Technology  Section - Development of resonant ultrasound spectroscopy and its application in materials physics and technology. (2009)
  • John Sarrao - Physics Section - Primary research interest is in the synthesis and characterization of correlated electron systems, especially actinide materials. (2009)
  • Darryl L. Smith - Physics Section - Research interests are in condensed matter physics and electronic materials, including III-V semiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures, the electronic and optical properties of conjugated organic materials, and electrical and electro-optic devices fabricated from these materials. (2009)
Albert Einstein Professorship Prize
  • Wojciech Zurek - Outstanding scientific achievements in the foundations of quantum theory and the relation between the quantum and classical physics. (2010)
American Ceramic Society Fellow
American Ceramics Society
  • Dane Spearin - Research on long-term storage of plutonium compounds in ceramic and nonceramic packages resulting in a revised DOE storage standard. (2012)
  • Quanxi Jia - Outstanding contributions to the ceramic arts or sciences. (2010)
American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow
American Chemical Society
  • Rebecca Chamberlin - For technical and leadership contributions to research and development in the areas of nuclear security, inorganic radiochemistry, and separation science. (2014)
  • Donivan Porterfield - For the characterization of nuclear materials using radiochemistry and nuclear spectrometry techniques for national security applications. (2014)
  • David Hobart - For his significant contributions to f-element science. (2013)
  • Kristin Omberg - For her contributions to science and the profession as a “technical leader in detecting and mitigating biological threats”. (2012)
  • Kim Thomas - Outstanding achievements and contributions in two defined areas: Excellence in Science/Profession and Outstanding Service to the American Chemical Society. (2011)
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fellow
  • Paul Johnson - Exceptional scientific contributions in areas of nonlinear and disordered systems, seismic strong ground motion, general acoustics, rock physics, acoustical nondestructive testing of materials, earthquake source mechanics, and time reverse acoustics in solids. (2011)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Fellow
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Alan Graham - Work in fluid mechanics, rheology, and multiphase transport phenomena. (2011)
American Physical Society (APS) Fellow
American Physical Society
  • Herbert O. Fungsten - : For pioneering discoveries of the global structure and dynamics of the plasma interaction of the heliosphere with the interstellar medium, and for leadership of the instrumentation that enabled these discoveries. (2016)
  • Richard Gustavsen - For pioneering studies of the dynamic and high-pressure mechanical and chemical behavior of energetic materials, for shock initiation data used to calibrate reactive burn models, for the development and extension of photon Doppler velocimetry and magnetic particle velocity gauge methods, for mentorship of detonation physicists worldwide, and for leadership and service in the shock physics community. (2016)
  • Paul Johnson - For his role in originating and significantly advancing the domain of nonlinear elasticity with a primary focus on earth materials and energy reservoir imaging, and for his role in characterizing dynamical wave interactions on earth faults including fault triggering and dynamically induced memory effects. (2016)
  • John L. Kline - For seminal contributions to the understanding and development of hohlraum drivers for inertial confinement fusion and their use for radiation transport, hydrodynamic, and ignition science experiments.(2016)
  • Joel Kress -  For contributions to computational scattering, materials, and dense plasma simulation techniques. (2016)
  • Evenya Smirnova - Simakov - For the development of photonic-band gap accelerating structures. (2016)
  • James H. Werner - For pioneering contributions to single molecule tracking, optical microscopy, and the development of fluorescent probes for biological imaging and sensing. (2016)
  • Jianxin - Zhu - For outstanding and original contributions to correlated electron systems, specifically electronic structure in unconventional superconductors and heavy fermions. (2016)
  • Aslam, Tariq - For groundbreaking contributions to the computational physics of detonations and shock waves, including co-inventing the ghost fluid method, mapped weighted essentially non-oscillatory schemes, Runge-Kutta-Legendre time integration, and applications of level set methods. (2015)
  • Batha, Steven - For pioneering investigations of forward scattering laser-plasma instabilities, hydrodynamic instabilities in high-energy density physics regimes, and leadership of high-energy-density research.(2015)
  • Bauer, Eric - For outstanding and original contributions to the discovery and understanding of correlated electron systems, specifically for the study of complex electronic states hosted by correlated actinide and rare-earth materials.(2015)
  • Chen, Hou-Tong -  For contributions to the development of active metamaterials and devices, and the development and understanding of few-layer metamaterials and metasurfaces, especially in the terahertz frequency range.(2015)
  • Dalvit, Diego Alejandro -  For original contributions to the interpretation of Casimir physics experiments, including fluctuation-induced interactions in nanostructured materials, thermal Casimir forces, and patch effects.(2015)
  • Nguyen, Dinh - For an outstanding record of innovation and contribution to the initial development of high-brightness photo-injectors, early experimental validation of self-amplified spontaneous-emission theory, and high average current injectors.(2015)
  • Perelson, Alan -  For seminal contributions to the development of dynamical models of HIV infection, for elucidating therapeutic responses of HCV, and for helping found the fields of viral dynamics and theoretical immunology.(2015)
  • Ronning, Filip - For experimental contributions to understanding strongly correlated electron phenomena, particularly in cuprate and heavy-fermion systems. (2015)
  • Saunders, Alexander -  For contributions in developing proton radiography and the LANL ultra cold neutron source, enabling new applications of nuclear science and an improved understanding of the decay of the free neutron.(2015)
  • Wurden, Glen - For innovative approaches to plasma diagnostics applied to a wide variety of fusion confinement concepts, ranging from reversed field pinches to tokamaks to magneto-inertial fusion.(2015)
  • Batista, Cristian D. - For theoretical contributions to the understanding of frustrated magnetic systems, topological phases, and electronic ferroelectricity.(2014)
  • Boshier, Malcolm G. -  For high precision laser spectroscopy of hydrogen and muonium, and for advancing the state of the art in cold atom manipulation. (2014)
  • Dattelbaum, Dana -   In recognition of her pioneering studies of dynamic properties and excited state behavior of materials using advanced diagnostics techniques and for her leadership and service to the Society and the Shock Physics community.(2014)
  • Doorn, Stephen K. - For his pioneering accomplishments in defining, shaping, and leading the field of spectroscopic characterization of carbon nanomaterials, including single-walled nanotubes and graphene.(2014)
  • Espy, Michelle A. -For the application of nuclear physics techniques to biomedical research and national security challenges. Including pioneering work in the application of ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance to functional brain imaging and non-invasive identification of materials for national security.(2014)
  • Rodriguez, George - For his outstanding leadership in the development of ultrafast laser-based and high-speed optical instrumentation and his creative application of these diagnostics to the impactful measurement of materials, systems, and devices.(2014)
  • Saxena, Avadh B. -For foundational contributions to phase transitions in functional materials and nonlinear excitations in low-dimensional electronic materials.(2014)
  • Tretiak, Sergei - For seminal contributions to the theoretical chemistry of excited state dynamics in nanoscale materials and nonlinear optical response of molecular systems.(2014)
  • Yin, Lin - For scientific leadership and landmark discovery in the theory and complex kinetic modeling of nonlinear laser-plasma interaction physics, including stimulated Raman scattering and laser-driven particle acceleration.(2014)
  • Anderson, William - For significant contributions to the field of dynamic material properties research, and specifically for achieving a better understanding of the dynamic response of geophysical, planetary, and materials of importance to national security. (2012)
  • Boettger, Jonathan C. - For diverse contributions of profound impact on modern methods of simulating matter under extreme conditions, especially equations of state and properties of heavy element systems, and for synthesizing the computed results in ways significant to the success of experiments important to national security. (2012)
  • Cirigliano, Vincenzo - For his foundational theoretical contributions to the interpretation of weak decays of light hadrons and the delineation of broader impacts of electric dipole moment searches, and for his contributions to studies of baryogenesis in the early universe.(2012)
  • Colgan, James P. - For advancing our fundamental understanding in the electron-impact ionization, few-photon multiple ionization, and ion-impact ionization of atoms and molecules found in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas.(2012)
  • Fernandez, Juan C. - For outstanding and sustained contributions in laser-plasma interactions, relativistic laser-plasmas, and self-organizing force-free magnetized plasmas, and in their application to fusion research and national security. (2012)
  • Intrator, Tom - For novel experimental investigations of interrelated properties of magnetic flux ropes, magnetic reconnection, and turbulence in astrophysical, space, and fusion physics, and for seminal Alfven-wave current-drive experiments.(2012)
  • Lookman, Turab - For seminal contributions to the computational physics of materials, complex fluids and nonlinear dynamics.(2012)
  • Sanbonmatsu, Karissa - For pioneering computer simulation of molecular machines and biomolecular complexes.(2012)
  • Vitev, Ivan - For seminal contributions to the understanding of the mechanisms of parton energy loss in strongly-interacting matter and for pioneering theoretical work on jet production in heavy-ion reactions at RHIC and the LHC. (2012)
  • Wills, John M. - For pioneering contributions to the development of electronic structure theory and methodology, and first-principles understanding of f-electron physics in rare-earth and actinide materials. (2012)
  • Chertkov, Michael - For Fundamental Theoretical Contributions in Statistical Hydrodynamics and Physics of Information and Algorithms. (2011)
  • Germann, Timothy - For fundamental contributions to the application of large-scale molecular dynamics simulations to the study of shock-induced plasticity and phase transitions in metals, as well as applications of these techniques in the development of large-scale agent-based models in computational epidemiology. (2011)
  • Grinstein, Fernando F. - For outstanding technical leadership in the formalization, development, and validation of novel large-eddy simulation strategies, and for their application to transitional and turbulent flows.(2011)
  • Jaime, Marcelo - For pioneering techniques for the study of thermal properties of materials in high pulsed magnetic fields and for contributions to the understanding of colossal magnetoresistance compounds, Kondo insulators, correlated-electron systems, and quantum magnets.(2011)
  • Mihaila, Bogdan - For contributions to the development of accurate numerical methods for the study of nonlinearity in many-body theory with applications to cold-atom, condensed-matter, nuclear, and high-energy physics.(2011)
  • Preston, Dean - For rigorous scientific contributions in the field of shock compression theory, and in particular for contributions leading to a better understanding of material strength at very high strain rates.(2011)
  • Rees, William - For applying technical expertise and policy knowledge to strengthen the nation's physics enterprise.(2011)
  • Reichhardt, Charles - For seminal work on the dynamics of collectively interacting particles on random or periodic substrates, including superconducting vortices, colloids, electron crystals and Bose-Einstein condensates.(2011)
  • Reichhardt, Cynthia - For characterization of collective phenomena in driven systems with long-range interactions, including non-equilibrium phase diagrams, avalanches, noise and fractal flow.(2011)
  • Crooker, Scott - For the development of magneto-optical spectroscopies and their applications to colloidal quantum dots and electron spin transport and noise in semiconductors.(2010)
  • Daughton, William - For seminal theoretical and computational contributions to understanding of magnetic reconnection physics.(2010)
  • Chadwick, Mark B. - For significant and innovative contributions to applied nuclear physics, including medical radiation therapy, nonproliferation, homeland security, the physics of nuclear weapons, and especially to development of the modern ENDF/B-VII data base.(2009)
  • Jia, Quanxi - For pioneering contributions in epitaxial functional metal-oxide films for coated conductors and electronic devices.(2009)
  • Murillo, Michael S. - For original theoretical and computational research in several areas of non-ideal plasmas, including non-equilibrium properties of ultra-cold plasmas, collective properties of dusty plasmas, transport in strongly coupled plasmas, and atomic physics in dense plasmas.(2009)
  • Zurek, Wojciech H. - For his seminal contributions to the theory of quantum decoherence, and his contributions to quantum foundations more generally.(2009)
American Statistical Association (ASA) Fellow

  • Kary Myers - For dedication and service as Program Chair-Elect (2010) and Program Chair (2011) for Joint Statistical Meetings. (2012)
  • Brian J. Williams - 1) fundamental methodological contributions to the statistical design of experiments experiments including uncertainty quantification, 2) excellence in leadership of uncertainty quantification in critical federal programs, 3) excellence in collaborative research, and 4) service to the ASA. (2015)
  • David Higdon - Recognition of foundational research in the areas of spatial modeling, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methodology, and evaluation of computer models; for important statistical contributions to national security and interdisciplinary problems of national importance and for excellence in leadership of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Statistical Sciences Group. (2011)
American Society for Quality (ASQ) Fellow
  • Christine Anderson-Cook - In recognition for research in quality in the areas of design of experiments and reliability, for interdisciplinary collaboration and training of statistical thinking and quality ideas, and for dedicated service to the growth and practice of the quality profession. (2012)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Fellow
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Steven P. Girrens - For his leadership fo the engineering activities associated with the Laboratory's national security mission. He "has tirelessly promoted engineering innovation in our nation's nuclear weapons program and other global security work, developed and sustained research collaborations with private industry, promoted professional society activities and championed new collaborative education and research programs with domestic and foreign university partners. Steve also volunteers significant time on various boards and organizations in the Los Alamos community. (2015)
  • Daniel Livescu - As an authority in the field of fluid mechanics, he has made significant contributions to the Los Alamos National Laboratory/DOE stewardship mission as a Principal Investigator for the NNSA Defense Science Programs. (2015)
  • Michael Prime - Worldwide reputation as an expert in residual stresses and in structural health monitoring. (2011)
  • Edward Rodriguez - Contributions to structural dynamics, computational hydrodynamics, shock and vibration engineering, and explosive blast phenomena. (2011)
American Welding Society (AWS) Fellow
  • Thomas Lienert - For significant contributions to the knowledge, science, and application of welding. (2013)
  • Paul Burgardt - Sustained research and contributions in the area of welding physics, including surface tension driven fluid flow, arc spectroscopy and characterization of welding. (2012)
ASM International Board of Trustees Fellow

  • Ellen Cerreta - As a member of the ASM Board of Trustees, she will help  guide the course of the society in its ideals , activities, budgets and advising ASM leaders. (2015)
  • Robert Field - Cited for "applied research of superalloys, intermetallic compounds, and beryllium alloys, dislocation and deformation analysis, and characterization of deformation mechanisms in uranium alloys through excellence in crystallography and electron microscopy." (2011)
  • Deniece Korzekwa - Cited for "outstanding contributions in the field of casting, fluid flow and solidification modeling of actinide metals, and impact of that research on national security. In further recognition of her tireless mentoring and outreach to our next generation scientists and service to ASM International, especially the Los Alamos Chapter." (2011)
  • Amit Misra - Cited for "significant contributions to fundamental understanding of the mechanical behavior, radiation damage, and stability of metallic materials, particularly micro and nanolayered materials." (2011)
DOE Office of Science Early Career Award

  • Christopher Lee - Precision Probes of the Strong Interaction. (2015)
  • Joel Rowland - In recognition of his research to incorporate hydrological controls on carbon cycling in flood plain ecosystems into Earth System Models (ESM). (2014)
  • Marian Jandel - New Data on Neutron Reactions Relevant to Basic and Applied Science. (2013)
  • Nathan Urban - Beyond the Black Box: Combining System and Model Dynamics to Learn About Climate Uncertainties. (2013)
  • Amy Clarke - In-situ Monitoring of Dynamic Phenomena during Solidification - the ability to visualize experimentally and model theoretically the melting and solidification processes of metal alloy materials, even at elevated temperatures. (2012)
  • Ivan Vitev -  Jet Probes of a New State of Matter will advance the theory of jets in nuclear collisions and employ these jets as powerful probes of the strongly interacting plasma. The expected outcome will be a significant reduction of the current large uncertainty in the determination of plasma properties such as density, opacity, and transport coefficients. (2012)
  • Andrew Gaunt - Proposal:  Molecular Transuranic Discovery Science: Underpinning National Energy Security and Waste Remediation Needs. (2010)
  • Christopher Mauger - Proposal: Design of the Near Detectors and Optimization of Water and Ice Targets for Fine-grained Tracking Detectors for the Fermilab Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE). (2010)
  • Nate McDowell - Proposal: An Integrated Theory on the Mechanisms of Vegetation Survival and Mortality During Drought". (2010)
  • Evgenya Smirnova - Proposal: "Advancing Our Understanding of Photonic Band Gap Structures for Accelerators". (2010)
  • Tsuyoshi Tajima - Proposal: "Technology Development Toward Very High-Gradient and High Quality-Factor Superconducting RF Cavities". (2010)
DOE Secretary's Achievement Award

Award for teamwork and performance in recognition of their work on the RLUOB transition. (2015)

  • David Gallimore
  • Amy Wong
  • Brett Cederdahl
  • Tim Leckbee
  • Mark Myatt
  • Tim Nelson
  • Michael Parkes
  • Denise Thronas
  • Scott Warnock

Contributions on the thermoelectric generator that provides electrical power and heat to the Mars Science Laboratory's Curiosity rover. (2013)

  • Craig Van Pelt
  • Alejandro Enriquez
  • Diane Spengler
  • John Matonic
  • David Armstrong

Part of multi-laboratory team that provided accurate analyses of the amount of oil released into the Gulf, along with accurate analyses of spill mitigation and containment strategies, from British Petroleum's Macondo Well resulting from the Deepwater Horizon accident. (2012)

  • Rajesh Pawar
  • John Bernardin
  • Robert Reid
  • David Dixon
  • Richard Kapernick
  • Bruce Letellier
  • Brett Okhuysen
Francois Naftali Frenkiel Award
  • Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez - For his work described in "Low-order Representations of Irregular Surface Roughness and Their Impact on a Turbulent Boundary Layer" published in Physics of Fluids. (2012)
G.T. Seaborg Institute Research Fellowship
  • Margaret Root - Project in support of the Next Generation Safeguards Initiative funded instrument, called the Passive Neutron Enrichment Meter by using Monte Carlo modeling to supplement field trial data for more accurate background radiation correction and to understand how UF6 is distributed inside the cylinders. (2012)
Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) Fellow

  • Joseph Pilat - In recognition of his outstanding career in nuclear materials management. (2015)
  • Karen Miller - For significant achievement in the field of nuclear materials management in the early years of an individual's career. (2014)
  • Brian Boyer - For his technical research in international safeguards and his mentoring of university students and young professionals in nuclear materials management. (2013)
  • Nancy Jo Nicholas - For distinguished contributions to the field of nonproliferation and nuclear security. (2012)
Institute of Physics (IOP) Fellow
  • Alan Bishop - Very high level of achievement in physics and who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the profession. (2011)
Materials Research Society (MRS) Fellow

  • Quanxi Jia - For pioneering contributions to the development of high-temperature superconducting-coated conductors and for advancing the processing and application of multifunctional metal oxide materials. (2014)
  • Richard Hoagland - Outstanding contributions in fracture mechanics and atomistic modeling of dislocation mechanisms of deformation and fracture of metals, ceramics and nanolayered composites. (2013)
  • Michael Nastasi -Sustained and distinguished contributions to the advancement of materials research. (2011)
NACE Fellow
  • Scott Lillard - Professional leadership and scientific achievements. (2010)
National Cybersecurity Innovation Award
Cloud security advances (2011)
  • Anil Marmel
  • David Carlson
  • Jeffrey Click
  • Keith Morgan
  • Christopher Olsen
  • Chris Samora
  • M.L. Waters
  • Scott Blauert
  • Heather McNiff
  • James Archuleta
  • Monika Bittman
  • James Chavez
  • Ian Phillips
  • Leon Lopez
  • Elaine Santantonio
  • Carolyn Zerkle
  • Thomas Harper
Neutron Scattering Society of American Fellow

  • Michael Fitzsimmons - For many important contributions to the study of interfacial and thin-film magnetism using polarized neutron reflectometry. (2014)
  • Claire White - For pioneering a new methodology to elucidate accurate structural representations of complex materials by combining neutron diffraction and computational chemistry. (2012)
  • James Rhyne - Cited for extraordinary research on magnetic materials and thin films and outstanding leadership and support of major U.S. neutron facilities and research opportunities. (2010)
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

  • David Mascarenas (2013)
  • Amy Clarke (2011)
  • Evgenya I. Simakov (2010)
  • Eric Bauer (2009)
  • Ivan Vitev (2008)
  • Jennifer S. Martinez(2007)
  • Kevin Sanbonmatsu (2005)
  • Xian Chen (1999)
The Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow
  • Jacqueline Kiplinger - For sustained outstanding contributions to the field of organometallic actinide chemistry. (2012)
The Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) Visiting Fellow
  • Frank Pabian - Accomplishments in nuclear nonproliferation and satellite immagery analysis fields. (2012)
Top 100 People in Bioenergy
  • Jose Olivares - For his work within the NAABB in developing technologies for cost-effective production of algal biomass and lipids for conversion to biofuels. (2011 & 2012)
William J. Perry Fellow in International Security
  • Joseph C. Martz - Will conduct research on how the US might be able to reduce the size of its nuclear arsenal by configuring the nation's weapons stockpile more securely and strategically. (2010)