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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability

Ombuds Program

Committed to fair and equitable treatment of all employees, contractors, and persons doing business with the Laboratory.


  • Ombuds Office
  • Appointments
  • (505) 665-2837
  • Email
  • Helpline
  • (505) 667-9370
  • Fax
  • (505) 667-3119
The Ombuds Office is a safe haven. We provide a resource for people to call first when faced with conflict or disputes.

Ombuds program is an independent, neutral, impartial, confidential, and informal process

The Ombuds Office provides a confidential and impartial alternative for assistance with informal complaint resolution, problem solving, and communication.


Ombuds is independent in structure, function, and appearance to the highest degree possible within the Laboratory. Ombuds exercises sole discretion in whether or how to act regarding an individual's concern (i.e., Ombuds does not disclose information about matters discussed in the Ombuds Office with anyone at the Laboratory, including the person to whom the Ombuds Office reports).

Ombuds currently reports to the Director's Office, and has access to the Laboratory Director and senior management.

Neutrality, impartiality

Ombuds, as the designated neutral, remains unaligned and impartial at the Laboratory and does not engage in any situation that would create a conflict of interest.


  • All communications with those seeking assistance is held in strict confidence.
  • Ombuds does not disclose confidential communications unless given permission to do so.
  • The only exception to confidentiality is where there appears to be an imminent risk of serious harm to an individual or to national security.

To the maximum extent provided by law, Ombuds treats your concerns with strict confidentiality.

  • No Laboratory employee at any level may compel Ombuds to disclose a matter you want to keep confidential.
  • Ombuds will not voluntarily become a party to any formal judicial or administrative proceeding.
  • The Laboratory will resist to the extent allowed by law any attempt by compulsory legal process to force disclosure of concerns brought to us.
  • Ombuds will not voluntarily testify in legal proceedings except to explain the Ombuds Program and/or the general role of the Ombudsperson.


As a resource for informal conflict resolution, Ombuds

  • facilitates communication when conflict arises
  • provides opportunity for informal dispute resolution
  • does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative procedure related to concerns brought to his/her attention

The Ombuds Office supplements but does not replace other resources at the Laboratory.

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