Commercializing Los Alamos Technologies

Deploying innovation by aligning commercialization with Los Alamos strategies

One of the primary missions of the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation (FCI) is to transfer technology to the private sector in accordance with federal statute so as to enhance the accrual of economic benefit to the U.S. economy and to improve U.S. industrial competitiveness. FCI supports this mission through its Commercialization and Licensing Program in which FCI negotiates and manages license agreements on behalf of Los Alamos National Security, LLC, which operates Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for the DOE.

LANL offers a variety of licensing mechanisms, including both negotiable and non-negotiable (Express) license agreements for commercial, non-commercial and government use.

Negotiable Licenses

We license a broad array of cutting-edge technologies to private industry for commercial deployment, as well as to other research institutions for non-commercial use. We seek as licensees companies that can marshal the requisite financial, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and managerial capabilities and commitment to successfully commercialize LANL innovations.

Express Licensing

The Express Licensing Program provides an accelerated, streamlined process in which commercial entities may request a non-exclusive license to pre-selected LANL technologies (both patents and copyrights) for favorable licensing terms offered through an abbreviated license agreement.

For more information regarding the Licensing Program, contact LANL commercialization and licensing Manager, Laura Barber, at (505) 667-9266, or

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