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Student Symposium

Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research, broadening their expertise and preparing them for careers in science and nontechnical fields.


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  • Scott Robbins
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  • Ashley Merhege
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Student Symposium 2013: July 26-27, Los Alamos High School

This year's Symposium, "Championing Scientific Careers," was held at the Los Alamos High School campus (see poster (pdf)).

The Student Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to

  • present their research
  • broaden their expertise
  • prepare them for careers in science and nontechnical fields
  • network and make professional contacts

This year the Symposium was held on the same grounds and during the Lab's Employee Day so that many employees and their families could also participate in the poster presentations along with Los Alamos Lab peers and mentors.

13th Annual Student Symposium Winners

Poster Presentations

Sarah Barr

John Auxier II
Alison Tamasi

Bin Huang
Group - Peter Ahrens, Sara Hartse and Rebecka Tumblin
Group - Emmanuel Cieren,Venmugil Elango, Robert Pavel, Axel Rivera, Dominic Roehm and Bertrand Rouet-Leduc

Earth and Space Science
Samuel Briggs
Annelise Riggins
Kari Schoenberg

Beth Boardman
Brett Hill
Christopher Lu
Timothy Matchen
Joel Runnels
John Zumbro

Health and Safety
Arjun Aggarwal
John Chalmers

Information Technology
Adam Sayre

Materials Science
Alicia Herrera
Jane Heyes
Nicholas Orenstein

Joshua Dolin

Dana Duke
Timothy Green
Brent Reichman
Dan Shields
Lorenzo Venneri

Talk Presentations

Ashlynn Daughton

Mitchell Wood

Christopher Armstrong

Earth and Space Science
Amy Jordan

Ryan Gillis

Materials Science
Dylan Rittman

Benjamin Wolkov

Peter Schulze

Student Symposium Agenda (pdf)

Talk Schedule (pdf)

2013 Symposium Abstracts (pdf)

Innovations for a secure nation

Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye

Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye

The Argus II will help people blinded by the rare hereditary disease retinitis pigmentosa or seniors suffering from severe macular degeneration.

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