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Ombuds Mediation Program

Committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees, contractors, and persons doing business with the Laboratory.


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Mediation & problem-solving services

Mediation is a collaborative approach to problem-solving that, with the help of an independent neutral third party, minimizes the escalation of disputes by resolving them informally, quickly, cost effectively, and in a mutually acceptable way.

Mediation standards

Laboratory mediators comply with the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators, as approved by the American Bar Association, American Arbitration Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Key advantages

  • Voluntary
  • Confidential
  • Fast
  • Free
  • You decide the outcome

Mediation process

Step 1: Call the Mediation Program at 665-2837 to talk with the Mediation Program project leader. The project leader will meet with you to identify and clarify the issues in conflict, determine whether the issues are appropriate for mediation, and explain the mediation process to you.

Step 2: If you wish to proceed with mediation, you or the project leader will contact the other party or parties to determine if they are willing to mediate the conflict.

Step 3: If all parties agree to mediate, the project leader will assign two mediators.

Step 4: The assigned mediators will meet with each party individually, clarify the issues in conflict, and discuss the mediation process.

Step 5: The Ombuds office schedules the mediation session.

Step 6: The mediation session is held, usually in a private area at the Ombuds Office. Most mediations involve a two-, or three-hour session, but follow-up sessions may be appropriate. The goal of the mediation session is to reach an agreement acceptable to all parties.

Step 7: A few weeks after the final mediation session, the mediators will follow up with all the parties.

Volunteer mediator pool

The Mediation Program is staffed by a mediator pool that comprises volunteers who are a cross section of Lab employees. The Laboratory mediators have extensive conflict-resolution training and have completed 40 hour of intensive, hands-on mediation training. The Mediation Program has adopted the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators (pdf).

Mediation resources and tools 

Innovations for a secure nation

Portable MRI aids wounded soldiers, children in remote areas

Portable MRI aids wounded soldiers, children in remote areas

Scientists are developing an ultra-low-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging system that could be low-power and lightweight enough for forward deployment on the battlefield and to field hospitals in the World's poorest regions.  

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