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The Institute for Materials Science strives to fill in the gaps between the Institutional Pillars in the Materials Science community by fostering communication through Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Colloquiums, Scholars programs, and other events and programs.


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  • Director
  • Dr. Alexander V. Balatsky
  • Institute for Materials Science
  • (505) 665-0077
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  • Deputy Director
  • Dr. Jennifer S. Martinez
  • Institute for Materials Science
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  • Incubate,
  • Innovate and
  • Integrate Novel Ideas in Materials

Incubate both long-term and short-term investments and to innovatively catalyze the creation of new materials science concepts while increasing integration across the LANL materials community.

Research Focus

  • Defects and Interfaces
  • Emergent Phenomena, and
  • Materials in Extreme Environments

Advisory Board and Steering Committee

The IMS Advisory Board and Steering Committee are comprised of experts from different sectors of the Materials Community.

External Advisory Board 2016-17

Steering Committee

  • Ellen Cerreta (LANL, MST-8)
  • Filip Ronning (LANL, MPA)
  • Cindy Welch (LANL, MST)
  • John Wills (LANL, T)
  • Alex Mueller (LANL, CDS)
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