Partnerships & Alliances

We deliver innovation, through an integrated portfolio of R&D work across our key national security sponsoring agencies, enhanced by the ideas developed through our strategic internal investments.

We leverage partnerships with top-tier industry partners, other federal Labs, and universities to ensure we are working on the most challenging problems relevant to our missions, and to build the best teams.

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Strategic Alliances
Strategic Alliances

Creates long term, in-depth relationships that lead to solving industry challenges and creating disruptive technologies.

• Industry Fellows Program
• Intellectual property portfolio management 

Cooperative Research and Development
Cooperative Research and Development

Enables businesses and industry to engage in research and development collaboration with Los Alamos scientists and engineers.

• Technology research, development and deployment
• Intellectual property creation and protection

Licensing Los Alamos Technologies

We license a broad array of cutting-edge technologies to private industry. We seek as licensees companies that can marshall the requisite financial, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and managerial capabilities and commitment to successfully commercialize Los Alamos innovations. We offer licenses through two programs:

• Negotiable Licensing

• Express Licensing Program

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