Express Licensing Program

What is Express Licensing?

The Express Licensing Program provides an accelerated, streamlined process to license select LANL technologies (both patents and copyrights). Express Licenses are pre-specified, standardized licensing terms and conditions for non-exclusive rights to the technology.

We offer a diverse selection of U.S. patents and copyrights through the Express Licensing Program and new patents and copyrights are added on a regular basis.

How Does Express Licensing Work?

  1. Read the LANL Express Licensing Requirements and Sample License Agreement.
  2. Select a technology from the list of patents and software below.
  3. For Patents: Complete and send the Patent Express License Request Form and Commercialization Information  to
    For Software: Refer to the specific instructions for the software.
  4. Review and approval by LANL.
  5. Sign LANL-executed Non-exclusive License Agreement.
  6. Pay invoice per payment instructions for the License Issue Fee.


For questions related to U.S. Patents offered through LANL’s Express Licensing Program, please email For Software-related questions, please email

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