Express Licensing Program

What is Express Licensing?

The Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation at Los Alamos National Laboratory (“LANL”) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Express Licensing Program, effective August 1, 2013. The Express Licensing Program provides an accelerated, streamlined process in which commercial entities may request a non-exclusive license to pre-selected LANL technologies (both patents and copyrights) for favorable licensing terms offered through an abbreviated license agreement. It is important to note that the favorable licensing terms offered through the Express Licensing Program are only available if a license negotiation is not required. Should you wish to request alternate terms and conditions, they may be considered under our standard licensing process; however, we may be unable to offer as favorable a fee structure and timing as those currently offered through the LANL Express Licensing Program. Should you have questions, please contact us at

How Does Express Licensing Work?

The primary goal of the Express Licensing Program is to provide easy access to LANL technologies and to expedite the licensing process by eliminating time consuming negotiations.  Consequently, Express Licenses include pre-specified, standardized licensing terms and conditions and companies may request such a license by submitting the "Express License Request Form and Commercialization Information" for Patents or Software. Incorporated in the Request Form are questions pertaining to your company’s commercialization strategy for the LANL technology. This information is subject to approval by LANL for consideration for participating in the Express Licensing Program.

Express Licensing for Patents

Upon receipt of the Express License Request Form and Commercialization Information, LANL will review the information submitted to ensure that it meets our Express Licensing Requirements. If your request meets the minimum requirements, LANL will send an executable copy of the License Agreement to your company for counter-signature, as well as an invoice and payment instructions for paying the License Issue Fee. The License Agreement will become effective upon execution by your company and payment of the License Issue Fee. There is a one-time non-exclusive license issue fee of $7,500 USD, an annual license fee of $500, plus two percent (2%) royalty on sales. View terms and a sample agreement.

Express Licensing for Software

In addition to the patent licenses described above, potential licensees may obtain access to some of the copyright-protected software and other copyrighted materials developed at LANL through one of the following mechanisms:

  • Executable downloads: In several instances, LANL has developed executable/binary versions of software tools created at LANL and these tools may be downloaded by accessing specific URL links.  Each piece of software has a distinct license agreement, the terms of which are agreed to online and then download may occur. These are non-fee bearing licenses.
  • Open source software: LANL has developed an extensive portfolio of software available for download under specific open source software licenses.  For further information about these pieces of software, their functionality, and the license terms for each, please refer to Los Alamos' page on github. These are non fee-bearing licenses.
  • LANL Proprietary Codes: Source and executable codes that are proprietary to LANL are also available for license under specific commercial and non-commercial license terms and conditions where fees may apply to obtain access to the software codes.  Most of these licenses are fee-bearing and license costs vary depending upon the scope of rights needed for the software.

As a federally funded institution, we are required to give preference to U.S. companies. However, this does not preclude us from also working with foreign companies. If your company is incorporated outside of the U.S., please contact us at to discuss your licensing interests.

Express Licenses also require substantial manufacturing of licensed products and methods within the U.S. to provide benefit to the U.S. economy.

Express Licensing Instructions

1)   Read the LANL Express Licensing Requirements and Sample License Agreement.

2)   Select a technology from the list of LANL patents and software. We have attempted to identify a diverse offering of U.S. patents and copyrights that will be made available through the Express Licensing Program.  Please check back periodically as we will be adding new patents and copyrights on a regular basis.

3) For Patents: Please complete the Patent Express License Request Form and Commercialization Information and send a copy of your Request Form to

    For Software: Please please refer to the specific instructions for the type of software that you wish to access.  Some software is available online for click-through licensing and other software requires the submission of the Copyright Express License Request Form and Commercialization Information, which should be sent to upon completion.

4)   Upon approval of your Express License Request, LANL will send you a LANL-executed Non-exclusive License Agreement for signature by your company.  We will also include an invoice with payment instructions for the License Issue Fee (when applicable).

What is the Cost of Express License?

With respect to LANL’s Express Licensing Patents, the financial terms for each LANL patent will be the same, as detailed below.  As far as LANL’s Express Licensing Software, the financial terms will vary. Please inquire about specific pieces of software by emailing 




Non-Exclusive License Issue Fee

$7,500 *


Annual License Fee



Earned Royalty on Sales



 * Note:  The fees associated with each patent offered via the Express Licensing Program enable LANL to maintain the U.S. Patents offered through this Program and to make them available to interested parties.

How long will it take to complete an Express License? 

We anticipate that LANL will send an executable License Agreement to companies requesting such license rights within 1-3 business days of LANL receiving and approving your appropriate Express License Request Form and Commercialization Information.


For U.S. Patents offered through LANL’s Express Licensing Program, please contact Laura Barber at

For Software offered through LANL’s Express Licensing Program, please contact Kathleen McDonald at

Thank you for your interest in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Express Licensing Program.

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