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Subsurface Flow and Transport

We develop and apply a range of high-performance computational methods and software tools to Earth science projects in support of environmental health, cleaner energy, and national security.

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The Subsurface Flow and Transport (SFT) team develops and applies subsurface flow and transport modeling in porous and fractured media, from pore-scale lattice Boltzmann to regional watershed scales with applications to programs involving subsurface water, subsurface contamination of aquifers, CO2 capture storage and utilization, energy development in both hydrothermal and fossil energy, environmental cleanup and waste-storage.


Selected major projects include:

  • Characterization and remediation of the Nevada Underground Test Area, UGTA
  • Characterization and remediation of the LANL specific issues for Environmental Programs, EP
  • Increasing the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing and reducing the environmental impacts
  • Carbon sequestration risk analysis
  • Underground repository science for nuclear waste disposal for the Spent Fuel Waste Storage Campaign, SFWST
  • Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment Tropics and Arctic
  • Advancing Brittle Failure with Dynamic Graphs and Machine Learning (LDRD DR)
Software and Simulation Tools

Team Members

Hari Viswanathan Thumbnail
Hari Viswanathan

(Team Leader)
Shaoping Chu Thumbnail
Shaoping Chu
Jeffrey Hyman Thumbnail
Jeffrey Hyman
Qinjun Kang Thumbnail
Qinjun Kang
Satish Karra Thumbnail
Satish Karra
Elizabeth Keating Thumbnail
Elizabeth Keating
Nathaniel Knapp
Eugene Kikinzon
Zhiming Lu Thumbnail
Zhiming Lu
Nataliia Makedonska Thumbnail
Nataliia Makedonska
Terry Miller Thumbnail
Terry Miller
Daniel O'Malley Thumbnail
Daniel O'Malley
Rajesh Pawar
Ning Tao
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