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Exploding detonators in 3D

First detailed 3-D images during the operation of the exploding foil initiators (also known as slappers or detonators)
December 9, 2016

xCREDIT: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Exploding detonators in 3D

Exploding foil initiators, also known as slappers or detonators, offer safety and timing advantages over other means of initiating high explosives. However, understanding how detonators perform is challenging. A new capability, developed by researchers from Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories and National Security Technologies, LLC, combines state-of-the-art imaging capabilities with computed tomographic reconstruction. The techniques are used in experiments performed at the Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source to generate 3-D snapshots of exploding foil initiators. The Journal of Applied Physics published the results, which provide the first detailed 3-D images during the operation of the exploding foil initiators.

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