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Science on Wheels: we drive our van to your school

During the school year, the Bradbury Science Museum Educators drive our van to schools within 90 miles of Los Alamos on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We visit with a minimum of four classes in one location at the school for 1-hour sessions. Our programs are participatory and highly engaging. We schedule trips as we receive requests, on a first-come first-served basis.


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2013-2014 Programs

In honor of LANL’s 70th anniversary, Science On Wheels will be featuring past and current LANL projects to inspire students to think scientifically. Our topics include:

Solve It! 

(Manhattan Project)    September, October & November

We take a look back at how scientists have approached some of nature’s great mysteries.   Students will then work in groups to put scientific thinking to work overcoming challenges and solving a problem.

Our Place in Space

(50 years of LANL in Space)    December & January

Stroll the solar system and explore the universe in our inflatable planetarium. Starlab returns this year with new up-to-date information about recent discoveries.

Explore the Elemental Earth

(Mars Rover Geology)    February & March

We have geology, from New Mexico all the way to Mars. Practice rock observation and identification with our rock museum and scientific tools.

Nano—It’s not an iPod.

(Center for Integrated Nanotechnology) April & May

Tiny science has real world implications. Learn how nanoscale science influences our lives and discuss ethical issues involved in new discoveries.


This is an application for programs. You do not have a reservation until we have communicated back with you and confirmed the appointment!

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Winter weather

The Science on Wheels van does not travel during weather events when there is a delay or cancellation either at your school or involving Los Alamos National Laboratory. We often can’t contact a school in these events. We will make every effort to reschedule, if possible, close to the cancellation date. The Lab’s closure information number is (505) 667-6622.

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