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More science and learning activities

Free education in many fields:

  • The Kahn Academy is a nonprofit organization producing rigorous free online lessons. Take a look, you may be amazed. (Videos) (Note to KA math students: Please don't drop your units. They can be helpful checking your answers and they are critically important in science.)
General science
  • How Stuff Works We appreciate the effort these people have put in to explain just about everything we can think of.
  • The Exploratorium Founded by Frank Oppenheimer, J. Robert's brother, the Exploratorium is the granddaddy of hands-on minds-on science museums.
  • Games and Puzzles from Jefferson Lab JLAB educators have so much fun that we just have to link to our cousin's page in ours.
  • The National High Field Magnetic Laboratory education site. LANL has the Pulsed Field Facility of this cooperative program. Lots about magnets!
  • These people have a nice take on the scale of the universe.
  • Veritasium.com is an impressive effort to explain concepts in science, many of which are cloaked in misunderstandings. (Videos)
  • In a similar vein is Minute Physics. (Videos)

 Brain activities

Chemistry activities

  • ChemMystery Activities Chemistry plays a part in every corner of our lives. We like this website.
  • Jefferson Lab's Joanna and Steve experiment with liquid nitrogen and other topics at their Frostbite Theater. (Videos)

For teachers

  • Jefferson Lab Hands-on science activities, worksheets, games, and more.
  • World Space Week Free teacher activity guide to space related activities.

Los Alamos Area


  • What If is Randall Munroe's, author of XKCD.com, attempt to answer off-the-wall physics questions. As with XKCD, we suggest a grain of salt, but we do enjoy his production.

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