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The Atomic Age begins

The conflict that darkened Europe in the late 1930s at first cast no shadow here on the sunny Pajarito Plateau, but soon World War II shook the entire world. Los Alamos, once the site of a boys’ ranch school, became the focus of the secret project to develop a new weapon, one that derived its power from splitting the atom.

Exhibits you'll find in this gallery:

  • The Atomic Age Timeline
  • Manhattan Project History
  • They Changed the World: The People of Project Y at Los Alamos
  • A New Look at Trinitite
  • The Fireset: How Fat Man was Triggered

Don't miss:

16-minute film: The Town That Never Was

This film tells the story of the Manhattan Project and Los Alamos from 1942­-1945.

Watch it here on YouTube.

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