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This is a quick guide to commonly used abbreviations and acronyms used in conjunction with the NPDES Industrial Permit.


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List of abbreviations and acronyms

  • 4Q3: Lowest four-day average flow rate expected to occur once every three-years
  • BAT: Best available technology economically achievable
  • BCT: Best conventional pollutant control technology
  • BMP: Best Management Plan
  • BPT: Best practicable control technology currently available
  • BOD: Biochemical oxygen demand (five-day unless noted otherwise)
  • BPJ: Best professional judgment
  • CBOD: Carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (five-day unless noted otherwise)
  • CD: Critical dilution
  • CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
  • cfs: Cubic feet per second
  • COD: Chemical oxygen demand
  • COE: United States Corp of Engineers
  • CWA: Clean Water Act
  • DMR: Discharge monitoring report
  • ELG: Effluent limitation guidelines
  • EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • EPRR: Electronic Public Reading Room
  • ESA: Endangered Species Act
  • FCB: Fecal coliform bacteria
  • F&WS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • LANS: Los Alamos National Security
  • mg/l: Milligrams per liter (one part per million)
  • ug/l: Micrograms per litter (one part per billion)
  • MGD: Million gallons per day
  • MQL: Minimum quantification level
  • NMAC: New Mexico Administrative Code
  • NMED: New Mexico Environmental Department
  • NMIP: New Mexico NPDES Permit Implementation Procedures
  • NMWQS: New Mexico State Standards for Interstate and Intrastate Surface Waters
  • NNSA: National Nuclear Security Administration
  • NPDES: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
  • O&G: Oil and grease
  • POTW: Publically owned treatment works
  • RP: Reasonable potential
  • SIC: Standard industrial classification
  • s.u.: Standard units (for parameter pH)
  • SWQB: Surface Water Quality Bureau
  • TDS: Total dissolved solids
  • TMDL: Total maximum daily load
  • TRC: Total residual chlorine
  • TSS: Total suspended solids
  • UAA: Use attainability analysis
  • USFWS: United States Fish & Wildlife Service
  • USGS: United States Geological Service
  • WLA: Waste load allocation
  • WET: Whole effluent toxicity
  • WQCC: New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission

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