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Upper Los Alamos Canyon Cleanup

The Upper Los Alamos Canyon Project involves cleaning up hazardous materials left over from some of the Laboratory's earliest activities.



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Located along Los Alamos Canyon from 7th Street to the Pajarito Ski Hill, the Upper Los Alamos Canyon Project involves examining sites in present and former Laboratory technical areas to see if any further environmental cleanup actions are needed. If not, the Laboratory can apply to have these sites removed permanently from LANL’s Hazardous Waste Permit, meaning that no further actions are needed at those sites.

Among the 115 sites included in the Upper LA Canyon Project, 54 have been investigated and/or remediated and verified by NMED as needing no further action.

The remaining 61 sites are the focus of current project activities. These sites include septic tanks, sanitary and industrial waste lines, storm drains, incinerators, transformer sites, and areas in which soil has been contaminated.

The Upper Los Alamos Canyon project entails

  • collecting soil and rock samples using the most efficient and least-invasive methods practicable
  • defining the nature and extent of any residual contamination associated with each solid-waste management unit or area of concern
  • gathering additional data, if needed, to evaluate potential remedial alternatives

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