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Community Leaders share opinions on Lab and its programs

Positive views on range of efforts
March 1, 2014
278 community leaders responded to the survey

278 community leaders responded to the survey


  • Community Programs Office Director
  • Kurt Steinhaus
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For the third time in four years, more than 75 percent of leaders in the community rated their impression of the Lab as favorable with 38 percent saying their view is very favorable this year. Of the 278 people who responded to the survey, just four percent had an unfavorable impression of the Lab.

In addition, over two-thirds (69 percent) of community leaders rate the Lab positively as a corporate citizen with 35 percent giving it an outstanding rating.

In response to views expressed in the survey, efforts are being made to increase multi-media communication with the community, and additional outreach will take place to ensure leaders are aware of the many programs the Lab has available to support regional economic development, education and nonprofit efforts.

The survey results covered the following areas:


The Lab receives some its highest scores in the area of education with 86 percent of leaders surveyed this year indicating they are either very satisfied (55 percent) or somewhat satisfied (31 percent) with the education programs offered by the Lab.

Economic Impact

Overall, nine in ten of the Community Leaders express satisfaction with the Laboratory’s economic impact on the region. In fact, 63% said they are very satisfied with the overall impact the Lab has on the economy in Northern New Mexico.

When it comes to specific economic programs such as the Venture Acceleration Fund and the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program, 68 percent of leaders said they’re satisfied, while 8 percent expressed dissatisfaction and 23 percent indicate they are unaware of these programs.

Among the economic/business leaders surveyed, 59 percent expressed satisfaction with the Lab’s efforts to purchase more local goods and services.

Quality of Life

The vast majority of leaders surveyed praise the Lab’s involvement in community giving programs. Overall, 58 percent of the leaders said they are very satisfied and 25 percent said they are somewhat satisfied with the Lab’s involvement in Northern New Mexico through its school/holiday drives, employee giving campaigns and volunteer programs.

In addition, over two-thirds (70 percent) also express satisfaction with the Lab’s efforts to provide effective environmental stewardship, monitoring and remediation.


Similar to last year, 68 percent of the leaders said they are either very satisfied (33 percent) or somewhat satisfied (35 percent) with the methods available for communicating with the Lab regarding their needs, concerns and ideas.

Opinions routinely sought

Each year the Lab has an independent firm conduct a telephone survey of people representing local education, business, government, tribal and nonprofit organization interests. The results of the survey are then used to strengthen the effectiveness of the Lab’s efforts within the region.

View this year’s Community Leader Survey results in their entirety.

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