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Peter Hosemann: UC-Berkeley

Exploring materials in harsh environments
November 1, 2014
Peter Hosemann

Peter Hosemann


Peter Hosemann

Peter Hosemann now at UC-Berkeley

While Peter Hosemann was already interested in materials science when he began at the Lab as a summer student in 2003, it was during his time here in the Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes group that he developed an interest in how materials respond within extreme environments.

He later retuned as a graduate student in 2005 and became a Postdoc in 2008, continuing in Los Alamos until 2010. Today, he is an associate professor at the University of California-Berkeley within the Nuclear Engineering Department.

One of his current interests is how materials degrade within harsh environments such as in current and advanced reactors or spallation sources. Of particular interest are facilities such as the Ion Beam Materials Laboratory at Los Alamos that assist with accelerated materials evaluation.  “The Lab made me the scientist I am today,” he said of the fact that the nuclear aspect of his current work would have been unlikely if he had worked elsewhere.

In addition to his fondness for the regional green chile and the unmatched outdoors, Hosemann was also grateful for the support and collaboration he experience during his work here.

“The variety of expertise available was considerable,” said Hosemann. “There was always a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. You could approach almost anyone for help and advice and they’d be willing to give it. And, if the person in one office didn’t know the answer they knew who had the answer.

“I also appreciated the fact that my ideas were treated as equal to anyone else’s. Being young or a student didn’t matter as long as the idea and science was sound.”

He also praised his mentors during his time at the Lab: Stuart Maloy in Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes group and Ning Li with the former Condensed Matter & Thermal Physics group.   

You can learn more Hosemann’s work here.

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