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Monday, April 29

Workshop Registration: 17001900 (Main level, near Tewa Bay 1 Meeting Room)

Christy Archuleta
Pam Valdez
Randy Fraser
Dan Beach

Tuesday, April 30

Welcome: 07000800 (Tewa Bay 1 Meeting Room)

Charlie McMillan
Juan Griego


Mike Lansing
Mike Duvall

  • NMSSUP Phase II Project Overview

Mike Lansing
Ty Troutman

  • Transition / Readiness Verification: Goals and Objectives

Randy Fraser
Dan Beach

  • Security System Component / Functional / Performance Testing

Randy Fraser
Dan Beach

Project Tour: 08001100 (includes travel time)

Randy Fraser
Dan Beach

No-Host Lunch: 11001200

Breakout Sessions: 12001400 


Security Interface with Project Management / Project Controls
Project Lead: Randy Fraser

  • Testing Integration with Construction Schedule

Randy Fraser
Mike Lane

  • Security Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interface with Construction

Randy Fraser
Dan Beach

Facilities, Equipment, and Operational Consideration
Project Lead: Kerry Harms

  • Cyber Security Requirements

Kerry Harms
Glenn York

  • Protective Force, Security Systems, and Maintenance Training

Curtis Benham
Ralph Garcia

  • General Population Training

Kim Nelson

  • Project Lifecycle and Preventative Maintenance

Sabrina Larsen

Security Systems Design / Testing / Operation
Project Lead: Dan Beach

  • Alarm Station Design / Sensor & Camera Association

Dave Linn
Dan Beach
Joe Houghton

  • Testing - Component, Functional, Design, and Performance

Dave Linn
Dan Beach

  • CAS / SAS Operations

Damon Bower

Physical Security
Project Lead: David Telles

  • Security Fences and Barriers

Benito Salazar
John Mitsunaga

  • Vulnerability Assessments / Risk Assessments/ Site Safeguards and Security Plan / Force on Force

David Telles

  • Protective Force - Compensatory Posts and Construction Site Challenges

Bill Starkovich

Program Management
Project Lead: Mike Lansing

  • Project Integration / Synchronization - Keys to Success

Mike Lansing
Mike Duvall

  • Managing Large Security Project Other Project Cost (OPC) Funding

Unica Viramontes

Breakout Reports: 1400-1500

Breakout Leads

CSA MRB Process: 1500-1630
  • Evidence Package Preparation, Presentation to CSA MRB

Randy Fraser
Dan Beach

  • Protection of Assets, HQ Concurrence / Approval

Mike Lansing
Mike Duvall

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