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Los Alamos National Laboratory
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New-Hire Orientation

All foreign nationals, including students and postdocs, must select the foreign nationals employment category to complete the new-hire process.



Do not report to the New-Hire Orientation until you have been scheduled by your Human Resources (HR) Division representative.

Orientation for all new employees begins promptly Monday mornings at 8:30 am at the Bradbury Science Museum (667-4444), which is on the corner of 15th Street and Central Avenue in Los Alamos. If Monday is a holiday, the new-hire orientation will be held on Tuesday.

Directions to Bradbury Science Museum

Day 1 schedule

8:15–8:20 am Coffee
8:20–8:30 am Welcome
8:30–9:20 am Complete New Hire Forms
9:20–9:25 am Break
9:25–10:30 am LANL Cultural and Historical Overview
10:30–10:35 am Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce
10:35–10:45 am Ethics and Compliance
10:45–10:55 am Ombuds
10:55–11:45 pm Information Security
11:45–1:15 am Lunch
1:15–4:00 pm Benefits Orientation, Otowi Building (TA-03, Building 261),
Located at intersection of West Jemez and Casa Grande roads

If you do not attend the Benefits Orientation, please contact your manager or mentor for afternoon instructions.

Day 2 schedule (Obtaining a badge)

Obtain a badge from the Badge Office
2nd floor Otowi Building, E200W
Photo ID and proof of U.S. citizenship are required.

Employees with an active “L” or “Q” clearance or those whose clearance is being transferred from one company to another (e.g., COMPA to the Laboratory) must visit the Clearance Processing Office located on the second floor of the Otowi Building, Room E200W, before receiving a badge.

Week 2 schedule

Mandatory - Attend General Employee Training (GET) (if applicable)
White Rock Training Center (GET Training): (505) 667-0059 
35 Rover Blvd., White Rock, TA-00, Bldg. 1308 
White Rock Training Center Location (pdf) (Look for the red star)

Additional information

After you have your badge, report to work. Contact your manager if you have any questions.

Complete the Initial Computer Security Briefing (course #9369). This course is required to obtain a CRYPTOCard, which enables you to use LANL computing resources.

Your group administrator will request your CRYPTOCard and can check the status of your CRYPTOCard.

When a CRYPTOCard is requested, there is an option to have the CRYPTOCard sent through interoffice mail or to have the CRYPTOCard picked up at the Integrated Computing Network (ICN) Accounts Office by a cleared co-worker.  The ICN Accounts Office contacts the requester once the CRYPTOCard is ready.

Innovations for a secure nation

Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye

Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye

The Argus II will help people blinded by the rare hereditary disease retinitis pigmentosa or seniors suffering from severe macular degeneration.

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Contact LANL

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1663
Los Alamos, NM 87545

Journalist Queries
Communications Office
(505) 667-7000

Directory Assistance
(505) 667-5061

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