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Student Symposium

The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research, broadening their expertise and preparing them for careers in science and nontechnical fields.


  • Program Manager
  • Scott Robbins
  • Student Programs Office
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  • UGS & GRA Programs Coordinator
  • Emily Robinson
  • Student Programs Office
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  • HS & Special Programs Coordinator
  • Cassandra Casperson
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Students at symposium

Showcasing student research

At the end of each summer internship season, the National Security Education Center’s Student Programs Office at the Lab hosts a Student Symposium.

The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research and is an excellent forum for students to network and make professional contacts.

2018 Student Symposium

The following schedule applies to Students Only (not judges who may judge across PADS)

Daily Schedule of Events:
July 31, 2018 - PADWP, PADCAP, PADGS
August 1, 2018 - PADSTE
August 2, 2018 - PADSTE Overflow, PADOPS

Participant Information

General information about the steps involved in participating in the Symposium are included below. Additional information and instructions will be provided by email.

  1. Student Programs Office will send the Symposium Registration Application to students’ Lab emails.
  2. Submit the completed application by the deadline. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
    • Write a poster abstract for your application. See How to Prepare Your Abstract (pdf) for guidelines.
    • Request permission to share your abstract with the public through the Lab’s Review & Approval System (RASSTI). Approval must be granted before the application is submitted. Note: The RASSTI request can take up to 3 weeks to process.
  3. Create and print your poster. See Poster Guidelines(pdf) for guidance on creating and presenting your poster.

Request permission to share your poster with the public through the Lab’s Review & Approval System. Approval must be granted before the day of the Symposium.

  1. Poster set-up may be done the day beforehand or the morning of Symposium. If you plan to set-up the morning of the event, arrive early.
  2. On the day of the Symposium, plan to stay until the event ends. Deliver your poster presentation for volunteer judges and Symposium visitors.

2017 Student Symposium

The 2017 Student Symposium, Celebrating Student Achievement was held August 9, 2017 at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos campus and very well attended with over 200 students showcasing their hard work and tremendous talent.

The National Security Education Center’s Student Programs Office is proud to highlight the 2017 Symposium winners.

2017 Student Symposium Winners


Emily Cloyd (B-10) The Expansion of Analytics for Investigation of Disease Outbreaks (AIDO)
Jacquelyn Mettler (B-10) Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Prairie Cord Grass for Guar Production


Julie Haagenstad (C-NR) Development of an Internal Quality Assurance Program for the LANL NWAL Program
Roy Madrid (MPA-CINT) Evaluating Thermal Response of "Giant" Quantum Dots


Nils Carlson (NSEC)
Jacob Carroll (NSEC)
Investigating Phase Transitions in Sparsely Coded Convolutional Neural Networks
Siddhartha Bishnu (NSEC), Shane Fogerty (CCS-2) Thoughtful Precision in Mini-Apps

Earth & Space Science

Emily Hopkins (EES-16) Sooting Potential of Biomass in Wildfire
Charles Abolt (EES-16) Topographic Control on the Subsurface Heat Budget of Ice Wedge Polygon


Benjamin Katko (NSEC)
Brian Bleck (NSEC)
Augmented Reality as a Next Generation Tool for Nuclear Facility Criticality Safety
Matthew Wilkin (MET-DO) Data Mining The General Purpose Heat Source Program

Heath & Safety

Ian McNabb (EPC-ES) The Overlooked Radiation Dose to Downwinders from the Trinity Blast
Melissa Moreno (RP-SVS) Uncertainty Budgets Associated with Calibration

Information Technology

Kayleen Hovey (SAE-1) Improving Information Security with Encryption>

Materials Science

Sigehiro Takajo (MST-8) Microstructure Analysis of Gas Gun Deformed 304L Stainless Steel
Tashiema Wilson (MST-7) Experimental Analysis of Selected Uranium Silicide and Uranium-Silicide-Nitride


Jeanette Varela (CCS-6) Predicting Bunker Temperature


Kiersten Haffey (P-21) Non-Pneumatic Actuation of Stretchable Membranes for Organ on a Chip Applications


Madeline Whitacre (SI-RMS) Digital Narrative: Exploring the History of Science at LANL using Web-Based Media


L J Horan (LOG-HERG),
Ryan LaMonica (MPD-PO),
Jason Pedraza (MOF-SU),
Mariah Richardson (PADCAP),
Genna Waldvogel (PADCAP)
Smart Lab Renovation in TA35-0085

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