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Graduate Program Time Limits and Work Schedules

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Time Limits

The length of participation in the graduate program is limited as follows:

  • With a bachelor's pursuing a master's degree: 4 years
  • With a bachelor's pursuing a PhD: 7 years
  • With a master's pursuing a second master's degree: 2 years
  • With a master's pursuing a PhD: 4 years
  • With a master's pursuing a master's and PhD in a new field: 6 years

Students may remain in the GRA program for up to three months after receiving their PhD.

Work schedules

Year-round students
Students participating in the MBA program, post-baccalaureate appointments, post-master's appointments, and GRA students working on a thesis or dissertation are excluded from the 30-hour per week work restriction.

Summer students
All students are eligible to work full-time, 40 hours a week during the summer months. In addition, students are not required to be enrolled in courses over the summer.

9/80 work schedule
Summer students, post baccalaureate, post masters, and GRA students working on a thesis or dissertation are eligible to participate in the 9/80 work schedule. The student must have permission from the mentor to work this schedule, and it must be requested and approved through the payroll system.

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