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Local procurements exceed planned goals in 5 out of 6 business categories

Major subcontractor's dollars impact the economy locally, regionally and nationally.
April 18, 2013
Socio Economic Goals

Businesses awarded LANL subcontracts exceeding $500,000 ($1 million for construction) submit small business plans including proposed goals for various socioeconomic categories so that they are consistent with LANL's Subcontracting Plan.


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Major subcontractors' achievements tracked to ensure consistency with LANL's Subcontracting Plan

When the Laboratory awards subcontracts to large business exceeding $500,000 ($1 million for construction), these major large business subcontractors must submit small business subcontracting plans. These plans include proposed goals for the various socioeconomic categories so that they’re consistent with LANL’s Subcontracting Plan (Appendix E of the Prime Contract).

These plans are reviewed by a procurement specialist along with LANL’s Small Business Program Office (SBPO) and negotiated appropriately based on the scope of work and the percentage of work to be subcontracted out.

The Laboratory can’t use second-tier dollars as part of achieving its small business goals. Under the prime contract, the second-tier procurement awards impact the economy locally, regionally, and nationally. For instance, at the end of fiscal year 2011, $57.9 million in procurement dollars were expended or awarded to small businesses by the Laboratory’s major subcontractors with subcontracting plans.

The SBPO is very assertive in pushing for goals that are commensurate with the complex scopes of work by researching and identifying qualified small businesses on major acquisitions.

SBPO also assists large businesses in identifying small businesses for lower-tier subcontracting opportunities.

Innovations for a secure nation

Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye

Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye

The Argus II will help people blinded by the rare hereditary disease retinitis pigmentosa or seniors suffering from severe macular degeneration.

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