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The Laboratory's Small Business Program Team works with and assists the different procurement groups to identify qualified suppliers that have the capability and capacity to meet Los Alamos National Laboratory’s diverse programmatic procurement needs.


  • Office Leader
  • Chris Fresquez
  • (505) 665-7175
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  • Small Business Advocate
  • James Kloeppel
  • (505) 665-9997
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  • Small Business Advocate
  • James Carrigan
  • (505) 667-4940
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    Register your business

    Effective 1 January, 2016, Los Alamos National Laboratory is implementing a new business process in which any business interested in procurement opportunities with the Laboratory will be required to have a DUNS Number for each facility/site office and have each facility/site office registered in the System for Award Management (SAM).

    The System for Award Management (SAM) is the primary supplier database for the federal government.  

    • Government Registration within the System for Award Management (SAM)
      • The System for Award Management (SAM) is a government portal that enables secure registration as a potential supplier of products or services to Los Alamos National Laboratory and other government agencies and contractors.
      • Register at www.sam.gov.
    • Registration in (SAM) requires completion of all information including checking all appropriate boxes for NAICS codes and Small Business Socio-Economic Categories Small Business Definitions.
      • For any Wholesale Trade or Retail Trade business concern that uses a 42, 44, or 45 series NAICS code; These NAICS codes shall not be used to classify Government acquisitions for supplies. They also shall not be used by Federal government contractors when subcontracting for the acquisition for supplies. The applicable manufacturing NAICS code shall be used to classify acquisitions for supplies. A Wholesale Trade or Retail Trade business concern submitting an offer or a quote on a supply acquisition is categorized as a nonmanufacturer and deemed small if it has 500 or fewer employees and meets the requirements of 13 CFR 121.406.
      • The Small Business Administration has a very informative website, www.sba.gov.
      • To go directly to the small business definitions go to http://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/contracting/contracting-officials/small-business-size-standards

    *NOTE:  Your Registration in SAM does not register you in the Los Alamos National Laboratory Procurement System to do business with the Laboratory.

    For small businesses:

    Complete the Small Business Database Registration Form (pdf) and attach a company capability statement then email it to business@lanl.gov. This allows us to enter your company information into the searchable Laboratory small business database.

    Your capability statement should include all relevant NAICS codes plus the following:

    1. Identify any unique products or services
    2. Number of years in business and any Small Business certifications
    3. Identify previous contracts
    4. Identify your customers
    5. Past performance ratings, if any
    6. If construction, bonding requirements, safety records, etc.

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