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Distinguished Awards

Our workforce garners some of the world's top honors.


  • Jenna L. Montoya
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Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Awards, peer recognition for Los Alamos National Laboratory employees

  • Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

    2017 -John Yeager


    2016 - David Mascarenas
    2011 - Amy Clarke
    2010 - Evgenya Simakov
    2009 - Eric Bauer
    2008 - Ivan Vitev
    2007 - Jennifer Martinez
    2005 - Karissa Sanbonmatsu
    1999 - Xian Chen

  • E.O. Lawrence Awards: 34

  • (ANS) Seaborg Medal

    2004 - Siegfried S. Hecker
    2013 - Harold Agnew

  • Edward Teller Medal

    1999 - Larry R. Foreman

  • Nobel Prize in Physics: Frederick Reines
  • This worldwide recognition involves the receipt of R&D 100 awards since 1978: 137
  • Many others from societies and associations that sponsor various award competitions and honors of interest

    Glen T. Seaborg (ACS)

  • 2017 David L. Clark

David Clark

  • 1983 Darleane C. Hoffman
  • 1966 Arthur C. Wahl

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